Medical Equipment

PrathamPahal provides complete solutions for a wide range of high end medical equipments – from Digital X-Rays to CT-Scan and MRI Machines. With solutions including supply, transport, installation and maintenance, PrathamPahal is a trusted name in the medical equipment industry. The Company also provides equipment finance and leasing solutions.

PrathamPahal provides quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment worldwide, and strives to provide professional support with quality services custom fit to the needs of our clients. We specialize in advanced technologies including CT Scanners, MRI, PET-CT, C-Arms, Mammography, Portable X-Ray, Bone Densitometers, Radiographic Rooms, and Special Procedure Rooms.

PrathamPahal has the experience and capacity to complete system de-installations, crating, shipping, complete refurbishment, digital upgrades, room design layouts, and installations of all medical imaging systems.

PrathamPahal is known for integrity, expertise, and a straightforward approach. The work we do every day is solidly based on quality products and reliable service. The PrathamPahal Team is experienced and qualified to provide complete project management services anywhere throughout the world.


  • De-installations
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Complete Refurbishing
  • Accessory Support
  • IT Support
  • After Sales Service, Warranty, and Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Financing Services
  • Transportation
  • Site Planning
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Leasing of Equipment

Refurbishing Process

  • Selection of the right equipment
  • Mechanical Refurbishment
  • Packaging and Transportation
  • Installation
  • Applications and Training
  • Warranty
  • After Sales Service and AMC
  • Electrical Refurbishment
  • Cosmetic Refurbishment
  • Testing of Refurbished Machine

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